API and white-label capabilities of Rocketium

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Create visual content automatically with APIs

Rocketium is an enterprise-grade solution for producing thousands of personalized, dynamic video and image content quickly.

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Richie Murray President and Founder Bridge Digital
Richie Murray
President and Founder Bridge Digital
Excellent product and customer service. We plan on building an entire business around Rocketium's technology.
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Trusted by 100,000+ brands and counting

Automate Video Creation at Scale

Scale your operations and generate greater results with the power of visual content production--automated in bulk. Leverage Rocketium's back-end technology to personalize campaigns, minimize repetitive tasks and fulfill large content creation requirements.

Automated Video and Image Editing

Produce visual content in bulk using REST APIs and custom templates.


Enjoy wholesale pricing customized for your needs by our friendly account management team.

Ready for Scale

Producing hundreds... or thousands of customized videos? Rocketium is ready to grow with you.

Rapid Deployment

Remove infrastructure requirements and quickly convert data to videos and images in real-time.

What do you get with Rocketium API?

Powerful content creation possibilities and new revenue opportunities

Rocketium's powerful automation capabilities power our own video editor. You can use the same back-end technology to build your own solutions.

Automatically create, personalize, and publish your visual creatives on social media for sales outreach, educational content, promotional ad campaigns, and much more!

  • Make customized videos and images in bulk
  • Integrate our API with your native configurations
  • Use over 300 of our preset, customizable video templates
  • Directly upload to social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Dedicated account managers to help you succeed

Easy ways to automate visual content creation

While we heavy lift all your automation needs, you save time to do what you're good at - being creative!

Structured data to video

Instantly create personalized videos and images by typing content in a spreadsheet or importing CSVs.

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User generated content

Easily create user-generated videos and images. Embed a form on a web page to accept user input.

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White-label our editor

Add visual content creation capabilities to your workflow by integrating our video editor in your app or website.

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How It Works

Rocketium's visual automation API uses structured data to create high-quality videos and images automatically. You can select preset templates, add dynamic and personalized fields, and publish to social media directly.

STEP 1: Import data

You can input different types of data in your videos: images, video footage, text, voice-over, and music files.

STEP 2: Pick a style

Pick from an array of over 300 preset templates or customise settings like fonts, logos, color, and animations.

STEP 3: Share on social

Directly export all visual creatives on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Who is Rocketium Code for?

Professionals in every vertical and industry can benefit from visual content automation

Back-end Developers

Create custom solutions for your requirements with our API. Enable your business team make videos and images in bulk with automation.

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Product Managers

Create videos based on user data, increase product engagement, and improve your retention stats through visual content automation.

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Sales Teams

Connect, convert, and close. Make videos for personalized outreach, build engaging product demos, and visualize your USPs better.

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Marketers and Advertisers

Increase website traffic, generate leads, run A/B tests, optimize ad campaigns, and kill it on social media using visual creatives.

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Why developers love Rocketium?

Enable your team to create visual content using our easy to implement API

Our visual content API seamlessly fits into your current projects. Build your own back-end technology around our API to make custom solutions like spreadsheet to video, CSV to video, form to video, or structured data to video - the list is endless!

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quote icon Excellent product and customer service. We plan on building an entire business around Rocketium's technology. quote icon
quote icon We have integrated Rocketium's API with our CMS and our journalists are creating quality videos with an experience similar to writing an article. quote icon
quote icon My team has created stunning videos by literally just entering information in a CSV. I have been blown away by how Rocketium lets us focus only on the content while they custom style the videos for us. quote icon